How Lia used Booseo’s website development services to mitigate the method of sales conversion and get business booming in no time.

Client: Lia Australia Pty Ltd
Project Date: 15 January 2022

LIA Australia is a Rubbish removal And Building Services Company

A proactive member of construction cleaning services in Melbourne, Lia has made a turnaround in the industry by building a team of experts who are enriched with field experience of over 7 years. They specialize in any kind of domestic to commercial removals, building services, and building removal services. During the period of development, Lia has grown into a giant tree of branches ranging from CBD East to the Western suburbs of Australia.


Brief Story About The Project

Lia Australia follows a customer-centric approach where an ideally affordable building & Rubbish removal service would appeal to the quality and cost-effectiveness of the job. The Client chose us to create a realistic view of the brand that conceptualizes more about the team’s expertise, confidence, and dynamics that is offered to their clients.

We designed a coherent based website, which enhanced focus on presenting themselves digitally and on-call. We connected a specific target audience where they gain access to booking in a service conveniently through a free inquiry and attract sales instantly through the variety of service expertise that Lia provides. We designed proprietary tools that enclose the necessary access their clients need at its fastest and most affordable within a stipulated time.


What We Done For Lia Australia

Initiating responsive design

Leveraging per order to maximization of 10 conversions per week. Enabling customers and other stakeholders of the brand to connect with the website by landing on pages required to retrieve information needed at the time.


Designing an automated contact form

A customer form is designed for the back office support to improvise the convenience of receiving inquiries and maintenance of customer records for brand loyalty. 


Creating a gallery to show their work

A website is comprehensive when an impact of the brand is showcased on their performance and productivity. A contemporary interface in touching the images encourages the clients to structure the quality of work effectively.

Built by using CMS

A non-tech savvy base designed for Lia (client) to input information and update existing information on the website without our technical support.


SEO Optimization

Listed on the top five searches on most used search engines among Melbourne locals. The website SEO is curated to suit keywords that match the content of frequent needs required by the residents of the branches of Lia’s establishments respectively. 


Integrating Whatsapp chats 

Linking the website contact page for the client’s flexibility to maintain a quick channel of communication. The transmission from an inquiry and on-call page has driven support of the website design to enable a route for comprehensive communication through Whatsapp messages.


What We Done For Lia Australia

Within a stipulated time period, Lia informed our progress through their booming progress. The client boosted a 60% increment in their monthly revenue which resulted in the capital capability of expanding their business around Melbourne and suburbs effectively. The design of Lia’s website has revamped the marketing structure to a complex, yet highly approachable reach for B2C clients. The website was created after analyzing the relevant audience the service is directed to.

As an attribution, a crucial element in the website was developed to generate a higher marketing response and in return the output to escalate with a larger revenue margin. Booseo has provided Lia a pathway to emphasize better solutions to problems and challenges faced in fluctuating situations, such as the pandemic and other obstacles that may come their way.

60% More Revenue
303% ROI

From The Clients