The story of giving vision to a dynamic capability of a venture to be seen, heard, and remembered in the digital platform.

Client: AP Wawasan 5656 SDN BHD
Project Date: 26 November 2020

AP Wawasan 5656 Is A Malaysian Based Group Of Companies

A Malaysian-based multi-industrial company combined with a series of ventures producing outstanding customary productions in the cinema world, global recruitment services, digital marketing agency, travel and tourism, constructions, and farming resources. The secret to Wawasan’s giant expedition was respecting the caliber of their team’s expertise presented uniquely in all aspects of the business.


Brief Story About The Project

The Client wanted to create a defined web user experience for AP Wawasan, compared to the interface they performed using simplified access tools. The website was designed with the aim of improvising the credibility of the business audience. We focused on content that presents a better digital presence among stakeholders such as businesses, corporations, and other investor relations.  The brand outlook was emphasized on the website by highlighting the elements of the business. The style and colors were clearly depicted on the range of content updated on the website by us. We have brought together the pieces of delegating easy-to-navigate on the site. Their online presence required a seamless update to direct access to browse and explore the content of pages efficiently.


What We Done For Lia Australia

Creating responsive design

A compatible background was stabilized in the process of developing Wawasan’s website. This enabled us to bring out a transparent concept in exceeding client calls from 5% to 15% over a few months. The results were leveraged based on the nature of the ventures within the group.


Designing an automated contact form

Booseo ensured that the primary reaches out to retrieve clients was designed in an interactive presentation. An inquiry is directly accessed to the client, (from their customers/ investors) with zero complex procedures. Updates can be adjusted freely at the client’s convenience.

Bringing a Gallery page together

Composition of work performed by the client in the potential of showing progress. This elevates the free and pleasant visual browsing on the web page.


Built by using CMS

Tech knowledge is not mandatory to update and review their own website. All editable features are available at the client’s fingers access. 


What We Done For The Client

AP’s main target of reaching out to our service was to enhance their digital presence at a better audience view. The elements of the website design produced a better light in remaining visible at necessary landing pages at a rate of 80% to their respective customers and investors. Hence, the client’s satisfaction boosted to an increase of 20% in their monthly revenue.

AP’s web development was contracted on a revamping stage, where additional and improvised web features were enabled to let their stakeholders grab the important content where the message is delivered effectively. Their ultimate goal was to be seen and noted amongst the several industries they served locally and globally across Malaysia. AP Wawasan prioritizes its online presence to play a contributing role in the digital marketing platform over offline sources. We provided the push they required initially to filter necessary solutions in bringing out better results to expand their business in the long term.

20% More Revenue
80% online visibility increased

From The Clients